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Dementia Diaries

Dementia Diaries is organised by Philly Hare and Rachel Niblock of Innovations in Dementia CIC.

It is a fantastic community of people living with Dementia who make audio diaries that are uploaded to the Dementia Diaries website:

The diaries can be about anything in the life of a person with Dementia. They can be a good or bad experience, musings about the weather or an event in their lives, the only restriction is that they are under 2 minutes.

The diaries are now being used widely including Dementia Friends sessions and Dementia training.

The diaries have now expanded to include “Dementia Diaries Live” where 3 of the diarists spend about 20 minutes reading from a number of diary entries, which could be on stage, in a school or anywhere appropriate.

You will find contact details on the website if you are interested in “Dementia Diaries Live”.

Scottish Dementia Awareness Week 2018

Starting tomorrow, 4th June 2018, it is Scottish Dementia Awareness Week 2018.

Alzheimer Scotland has online information about Dementia Awareness Week 2018.

In their blog Let’s Talk About Dementia  you will find out about what the Society is doing online during this week.

The Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy and Practice (ASCPP), which is based at University of the West of Scotland (UWS), is running a social media campaign in support of Scotland’s Dementia Awareness Week, which runs from Monday 4th to Sunday 10th June 2018 with the Twitter hashtag #oneweething.

There will be a stand at the atrium at Dumfries and Galloway Hospital along with other events in the area.

Danestone Community centre in Bridge of Don will be holding events all week.

intu Braehead are having ‘Beer with Buddies’

Trellis Scotland want you to pot up a plant or sow a seed for Dementia Awareness Week.

There will be events in the villages of Juniper Green and Baberton, Currie and Balerno all week.

On Monday, there will be Dementia friends sessions at Paisley and St Johnstone also




Alzheimer Scotland is calling on the people of Oban and Lorn to help make sure nobody faces dementia alone with various events.

On Tuesday, a pop up cafe will be held at Alzheimer Scotland’s Dementia Resource Centre on King Street, Aberdeen between 10.30am and noon.

On Thursday the Scottish Fisheries Museum is having a Dementia Action Day and in St Andres the Byre Theatre is holding an event.

On Friday, Ballachulish, Kinlocheven, Gelncoe Obich and Duror will be having a Cuppa and Cake fundraiser at Ballachulish Hall from 12-4:30pm and Ayrshire College Kilwinning will be holding an awareness event.


The Alzheimer Scotland Annual Conference is on Friday at the EICC, The Exchange, Edinburgh, which is where they’ll “investigate how to close the gap between policy and practice, design a digital strategy that is inclusive of people with dementia, delve into the future of dementia research and much more.”

Friday is also the closing date for Scotland’s Dementia Awards 2018 please nominate.

Some buildings have gone purple in Glasgow


Police Scotland will be reminding people living in the Highlands and Islands , worried about people with Dementia losing their way,  to download the Purple Alert App

There will be many more events during the week, engaging locally & nationally and you will find a further list of some of the local events here.



Rural Dementia Conference 2018, 28th May in Ireland

On Monday, The Rural Dementia Conference 2018 was held at Glenlo Abbey Hotel near Galway, Ireland.

The event was hosted by Dementia Ireland and FORUM Connemara and included people living with Dementia, family members and carers as well as medical professionals, policy makers, PhD students , local businesses and broadcast on You Tube.

Agnes Houston, from Scotland, was the first to speak, and some of the interesting comments I noted during the day, include:

Some services are: “Square pegs in round holes”

Scottish Dementia Champions: “Dementia Champions challenged by time and distance getting between visits”

Anti-Psychotic use: “27% of people living with Dementia in 12 Western countries,  were prescribed Anti-Psychotics on average”

Being a carer: “You are not being selfish in taking care of yourself”

Stigma: “Stigma, a huge problem for many”

Respite at home: “The most beneficial for the person with Dementia, their carer and family”

Human Rights: “We’re not talking about putting sticking plasters on”

Whilst I wasn’t there and only got to see some of the sessions on You Tube, it was clear that things are moving on from awareness to engagement and action in Ireland.

Empowerment from the point of diagnosis, including support, rehabilitation and counselling for the person receiving the diagnosis and their family along with involving them in developing new pathways, services and respecting Human Rights.

Moving away from the one size fits all model to inclusion and choice, enabling not disabling.

“Remember to enable, not do for”

Towards the end of the day, Chris Roberts and his wife Jayne, from Wales, talked about their life with Dementia.

Sadly for Chris and his wife Jayne, their time in Ireland was spoilt by the proprietor of Flaherty’s Pharmacy, Main Street Oughterard, Co. Galway:


as Jayne Goodrick said previously at the Alzheimer’s Society Conference in London

“Everything has changed, and nothing has changed”

Dementia Action Week 2018 – The Alzheimer’s Society Conference and more

This week, 21st to 27th May is Dementia Action Week which included the main event, the Alzheimer’s Society conference in London, at the Oval Cricket Ground.

Opened on Tuesday by Fiona Phillips followed by Kathryn Smith, Chief Operating Officer of the Alzheimer’s Society, before getting on to the main part of the conference.

I too, in my small way tried to do my bit through my blog.

On Monday, I wrote about rights.

On Tuesday,  I issued a challenge to those with the power to make a difference to the lives of people with Dementia and their carers.

On Wednesday, I wrote about Kate Swaffer of Dementia Alliance International and her   announcement about the new global Rehabilitation Alliance and Alzheimer’s Deisease International marked the 1st anniversary of the adoption of the Global plan on Dementia.

On Thursday, I wrote about DEEP UK’s  York Minds and Voices at York station unveiling their new banner.

On Friday I wrote about The Rights of our Dementia Family

On Saturday I wrote Its Time for Action, Not Just Awareness.

Katy Styles is running a petition for a UK wide carer’s strategy, don’t forget reader, our carers/family play an important role, enabling us to live as well as we can with our diagnosis.

The need for properly funded post-diagnosis support has been further supported today

In the 21st Century, we shouldn’t need a Dementia Action Week, but we do:

Rail staff told not to help disabled passengers board if it makes train late

which Disabilty Rights UK comment on and there is a petition to stop this

as Jayne Goodrick said at the Alzheimer’s Society Conference this week

“Everything has changed, and nothing has changed”