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In The News – April 2019

Dementia and cancer patient being treated 235 miles from home finally moved to local unit

A&E admissions for Birmingham dementia sufferers hits ‘alarming’ record high

DWP admits destroying report on safety failings in jobcentres

More people asking for social care support but fewer getting it – Alzheimer’s Society comments

Empathy often avoided because of mental effort

Rights of disabled children in Scotland ‘not protected’ over seclusion and restraint

Geelong court shown video of ‘extremely serious assault’ on elderly woman with walker

Number of disabled people in poverty rose by 200,000 in one year… says DWP

Council broke law over deprivation of liberty, ombudsman rules

Council accused of ‘settling scores’ after cutting funding from DPO that criticised it

Daughter ‘in tears’ as insurance company sells woman with dementia $15,000 funeral policy

Labour unveils plan for £2.8bn social care fund to help dementia sufferers


In The News – March 2019


Theresa May to consider axeing Human Rights Act after Brexit, minister reveals

Disabilities Minister won’t be replaced until after Brexit ‘turbulence’ resolved, says Tory vice-chairman

Pathways from poverty: The future of the DWP

Court’s intervention to limit options is not a deprivation of liberty

Tory Vice-Chairman says there will be no Minister for Disabled People until Crisis Resolved

Woman with Down’s syndrome ‘loses independence’ after being stripped of free bus travel

Tory council set to force disabled people into residential care to cut costs

Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill

Further fire directed at Mental Capacity Act (Amendment) Bill

New analysis highlights ‘deeply flawed assumptions’ behind Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill

Care homes ‘ill equipped’ to carry out new responsibilities under DoLS replacement system, warn providers


Capita assessor lied about woman’s thoughts of suicide, recording shows

Man slams ‘ridiculous’ benefits system after winning third DWP battle in six years

Jack Carroll: ‘I was treated with derision and suspicion in my PIP assessment’

Jodey Whiting petition: Lib Dems back petition, but doubts over Labour

Tomlinson silent after ‘lying’ to MPs about benefits freeze

DWP’s latest confession on safety: ‘We keep no record of complaints linked to deaths’

Jodey Whiting petition: Seventh family demands justice over DWP benefit deaths

Jodey Whiting petition: DWP ‘has blood on its hands’, says Green party

Six families back petition to MPs calling for inquiry into DWP benefit deaths

NHS call for government action on link between mental distress and benefit cuts

DWP silent on figures suggesting ‘fit for work’ deaths may have fallen

DWP handed petition of 200,000 names on benefit assessment travel

Reaction to Rudd’s reforms: Tinkering, crumbs and fears of a Trojan horse for cuts

Jodey Whiting: DWP apologises, but no word on preventing future deaths

Social Care

Social care ‘national scandal and disgrace’

Social Care: Government urged to match words with actions

County councils urge government to ‘look again’ at social care funding formula

Cross-party group launched to tackle social care crisis

The NHS apprenticeships offering a new route to health and social care

Tory council set to force disabled people into residential care to cut costs

CQC admits one in five social care services have not been inspected in two years


Failed Alzheimer’s trial leaves families and patients heartbroken. Medical community reels

Dementia sufferers will trial a cannabis-based medicine that could ease symptoms

Other News

Claims of maggot-infested genitals in nursing home

Letters: hospital no place for those with dementia

Proposed new definition of Alzheimer’s aims to spot disease sooner

‘Dementia is the plague of our time, the disease of the century’

Brexit has ganged up with Alzheimer’s against my mother

Disabled peer criticises Lib Dem leader over support for ‘discriminatory threat’

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In The News – February 2019

If there was any doubt about how the government views our rights, this comment in the Independent Newspaper says it all

“The Home Office said the couple would not face “very significant difficulties” continuing their family life together outside the UK in Sri Lanka, and that any infringement of their right to family life “would be justified and proportionate in the pursuit of maintaining effective immigration control”.”

Read the full article here


George Young, from Warwickshire, was diagnosed with a rare form of dementia at three

Linda Ronstadt: “I’m afraid of suffering, but I’m not afraid of dying”

Dementia patients to be tracked by smart meters so that doctors can monitor any sudden changes that indicate illness, falls or mental decline

Hospital staff taught creative ways to spot signs of dementia

UN tells UK: stop using terror charges against peaceful protesters

Age UK: 50,000 elderly in England have died waiting for social care package

Grandmother whose entire family is settled in UK told to leave country

Hundreds of nursing home residents taken off anti-psychotic drugs

Newton forced to apologise after misleading MPs in WOW debate

Tories challenged over ‘outrageous’ pension credit cut

Launch of Neurodivergent Labour ‘could be milestone in fight for rights and equality’

‘I had to sack my carers’: agonising choice between food and home support

Dementia law report recommends better oversight on health care consent

Watchdogs’ comments boost hopes for rail access improvements

The importance of co-creation with patients


In The News – January 2019

Firstly, a reminder that today is World Cancer Day

The Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill

Mental capacity law reform: threatens human rights

The current version of the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill will strip essential legal protections from the most vulnerable – Mind

Government amendment removes users’ rights to information before deprivation of liberty authorisation in DoLS replacement bill

Mental capacity changes give care homes too much power, critics say

Vulnerable dementia patients could be locked up for three years without review under ‘rushed’ government reform

Government deprivation of liberty ‘definition’ added to DoLS replacement bill but criticised as contrary to case law

DPOs call for support in battle to make ministers think again over attack on rights

Other News

‘This is a must’ – your support as sisters call for dementia rights charter in mum’s memory Read more at:

Less than half of eligible over-40s take free dementia health check

End ‘inequality’ of terminally ill dementia patients paying for their care, says report

Ministerial disability group met just three times… and then was scrapped

OBE ‘is overdue recognition of importance of inclusive education’

“I forgot why I was in London”: former Selfridges worker, 35, is living with dementia

Rudd has not delayed roll out of universal credit, DWP confirms

Bungling DWP announces seventh review of disability benefits errors in a year

Bursack: Dig deep to find source of pain for mother with dementia

Equality watchdog needs further legal powers, MPs are told

DPOs call for support in battle to make ministers think again over attack on rights

Shock and anger at government’s failure to invite DPOs to disability workshop

Surprise PIP report raises concerns over ministers’ spending plans

Rudd accused of misleading MPs on universal credit by exaggerating jobcentre visits

Lobby aims to persuade MPs that DWP must First Do No Harm on assessments

Wanting to die at ‘five to midnight’ – before dementia takes over

“You feel really isolated – like you are the only one’ – the dementia cafes helping patients and their carers live well with the disease

‘What my dad’s dementia taught me’

DPAC warns Labour to rethink support for universal basic income

Last-ditch appeal to new Welsh first minister over independent living scheme

Minister seeks recruits for new disability network… but refuses to pay them

Cross-government suicide prevention plan ignores DWP

Capita closes PIP claim after woman complains about use of 25-year-old report


In The News – December 2018

Police targeting of disabled protesters is ‘an outrage and a scandal… and it’s set to spread’

‘Kicked, punched, knocked unconscious, tipped out of wheelchairs’: Campaigners describe repeated police targeting of disabled anti-fracking protesters

Labour and Greens call for inquiry into claims of police abuse of disabled protesters

Police force admits passing footage of disabled protesters to DWP

Jimmy McGovern: ‘We can’t dodge the issue of care for the elderly any longer

Move to universal credit could be ‘disastrous’ for disabled people, say MPs

My husband’s devastating dementia has made him believe every day is

My dad’s dementia turned my family’s life upside down. BBC1 drama Care was so realistic it gave me chills Read more at:

Study uncovers new genetic clues to frontotemporal dementia

Bursack: Getting a correct dementia diagnosis might take awhile

Burnley’s undiagnosed dementia problem Read more at:

MPs hear of ‘despair’ of austerity’s victims in second WOW debate

Doing Sudoku and crosswords won’t stop dementia or mental decline, study suggests

Meet Lenny White, the ‘dementia-friendly barber’ who specialises in helping men with Alzheimer’s feel themselves again Read more at:

Former judge Kevin Whittaker deals with Lewy Body Dementia by painting

Toronto man shares impact of wife’s dementia diagnosis

Dementia support course in York

Anger over latest delay to social care green paper

‘Families struggling with dementia can still have moments of happiness’

Care: Sheridan Smith stars in this raw BBC drama about dementia and the problems families face navigating the care system Read more at:

Scientists have discovered a lone mutation in a single gene that causes an inherited form of frontotemporal dementia makes it harder for neurons in the brain to communicate with one another, leading to neurodegeneration.

2,000 ‘living with undiagnosed dementia’ in Shropshire

Look for depression and dementia signs in loved ones at Christmas, expert urges

Mental Health Act review ‘falls significantly short on human rights’


In The News – October 2018

Emergency funding for social care to be announced at Tory conference

Scottish GPs to begin prescribing rambling and birdwatching

Caregiving Is Killing Us: A Nation Of Daughters in Crisis

Tory conference: Charity’s silence on universal credit deaths, hours after minister announces £51m funding

Police work on disability hate crime is ‘unacceptable’, say watchdogs

Disability often excluded from the drive for diversity

Watchdogs’ concern over government refusal to act on UN rights reports

Government ‘blocked’ involvement of user-led groups in mental health summit

Is resilience a personal thing – or a set of things, both individual and social?

Say NO more autism and learning disability hate crime – #ImWithSam

Social care can’t wait for 2020 for government to reverse damaging healthcare cuts, MPs warn

Ten NHS trusts ‘wasted £235m to hire private ambulances’

The social care system is collapsing. So why the government inaction?

Roles reversed: Being 11 and helping your dad who has Dementia

Are world leaders up to the challenge of meeting the global noncommunicable diseases emergency?

Talking about death isn’t easy, but doctors have to get better

How do you treat someone with an invisible disability ?

Stop telling people who need social care they aren’t eligible – be honest, there isn’t enough money

Councils buying care ‘on the cheap’

More eye-opening DWP spending is revealed. This time, social media ads.

Autistic woman ‘left sick and broken’ by two-year universal credit delay

Disability inequality is widening and risks becoming ‘entrenched’, says EHRC

George Osborne kept pay cap despite child poverty warning

The world’s richest people made more money than ever before last year Read more at:

Homeless charity boss ‘told she won’t get Lottery funding unless she stops criticising Universal Credit’ Read more at:

Revealed: How universal credit is fuelling Britain’s homelessness crisis

Universal Credit: Salvation Army issues homelessness warning as report finds ‘unacceptable hardship’ Read more at:

Ministers ‘failing to uphold a UN disability convention they do not understand’

I am not paid or induced in any way to mention any articles and I do not necessarily support any comments, language or the use of specific words.

I haven’t included any articles about cures, as I feel they are misleading. Apart from the current medications, all recent clinical trials seem to fail by stage 3.

I have also excluded the eat this, drink that, do this to reverse Dementia type of articles. We are all different, so again false hopes and impressions do not help.

In the News – September 2018

New BMA Guidance

British Medical Association wants to allow doctors to starve Mentally Disabled patients to death

New draft guidance from the BMA: will enable doctors to dehydrate and sedate to death large numbers of non-dying patients with dementia, Stroke or brain damage

Is the BMA introducing back door Euthanasia

Leaked BMA guidance gives medics permission to play God

BMA: “Let doctors euthanise Dementia Patients”


Dangerous antipsychotic medicine being over-prescribed for elderly patients

Antipsychotic drugs are rarely effective in calming Dementia patients


Humiliating Benefits assessments must end after woman forced to crawl up DWP stairs

The DWP just sunk to it’s most disgraceful moment to date

DWP’s secret death reviews: Investigation into deaths doubles in two years

The DWP had been forced to admit people are dying under Universal Credit

Universal Credits hidden cuts push Disabled people into poverty


Social and Economic Rights are Human Rights and we need to start taking them seriously

Medical Consent, What do human rights have to do with it?

Bill on Mental Capacity and Liberty Protection, will take rights backwards

Are Human Rights only for the rich?

An Australian Perspective on UN disability development

Stop Dehumanising the Disabled


Labour Conference: Marsha Da Cordova calls for an alternative to Universal Credit

Disability Labour Co-Chair: It’s not Brexit that I fear, It’s the Tory Government

When it comes to the mistreatment of people, the Tories really are the “Nasty” Party

The behaviour of Julia Hartley-Brewer “caused considerable distress” to people at the Labour Party conference, including disabled party members with autism and anxiety conditions.

£1bn in unpalatable county council cuts ahead in

Plans for new Scottish Disability Support Set Out

Global care crisis set to affect 2.3 billion people warns UN labour agency


NHS should expand social prescribing, says Health secretary

A&E’s overcrowded and understaffed


Abuse taking place in 99% of care homes, amid chronic underfunding, survey shows

Sydney nursing home worker spared jail over attack on Dementia patient

Other News

Unique Chorus gives voice to people with Alzheimer’s

I’m tired of being called just a carer, Looking after people is a proper job

In praise of do-gooders and those that care

I had Alzheimer’s, but wasn’t ready to retire

Total chaos as Sussex care home closed down

My time, 40% of carers have not had a break in over a year

Early Dementia detection benefits the person, state and taxpayer

I’ve gone to a place I could never have dreamed of – Inspirational campaigner who has Alzheimer’s disease

Dementia risk for most people in polluted areas is 40 per cent higher, Scientists warn

Ministers drop plans for parallel process on working age social care 

My life isn’t over just because I have Dementia, stop treating me like it is

The Other Place Review: Rage, Confusion, Compassion in a Dementia Drama

World Alzheimer’s Day to be celebrated with launch of new calendar

Dementia symptoms get better in the summer and autumn, scientists find

Enabled, not disabled, candidates run to raise disability awareness

Are we really on the brink of a cure for Alzheimer’s

World Alzheimer’s Day celebrated with launch of new calendar


Blogs and Other – August 2018

A selection of non-media articles from last month:

A Letter to Dementia…….

What do we want? We want ACTION!

Mum’s First Week Back at Home

Is sharing a diagnosis of dementia brave?

Dementia Truth Inquiry Review of Evidence



Decision Time: Does Mum Stay Home?


Listen to the Silence…….Poem….

In The News – August 2018

Widow, conference address ‘misunderstood’ dementia that can mimic emotional problems

Government repeatedly ignores its own advisers on ‘toxic’ train access

Apology over ‘shameful’ mental health ward scandal

MPs launch probe into enforcement of Equality Act

County council crisis sparks fears for service-users

Charities help government with cover-up over blue badge changes

Supreme Court ruling ‘risks bringing in euthanasia by the back door’

Too many carers feel alone, invisible and unsupported

Hospital secures court orders to stop two patients with dementia from leaving

Woman, 87, with dementia forced to sleep outside after being made homeless

We need more than goodwill when we write about disability

Reasonable Adjustments, Public Building access, the 6 inch gap ans the Rejected Amendment

Elderly men “Escape” Nursing Home to go to Heavy Metal Festival

My early onset dementia is a life sentence but I’m happier than I’ve ever been

Dementia rates higher among black people, new study finds

Fines could be introduced to deal with Dublin Bus passengers who refuse to fold up buggies for wheelchair users

UKIP suspends three members over socialist bookshop attack

Experts rank non-drug therapies highest for managing Alzheimer’s symptoms

Dementia UK director slams ‘fractured’ care system – ‘the government has SO much to do’

Specific biomarkers may help to distinguish Parkinson’s Dementia from Dementia with Lewy Bodies

Train company faces calls to rip up scooter policy after latest ‘shameful’ episode

UN’s ‘human catastrophe’ rights expert to deliver high-profile UK lecture

DWP refuses to pay £125 to discover number of disabled people in full-time jobs

DWP figures provide fresh evidence to explain PIP claim rejections

Legal action threat over wheelchair service’s ‘bullying, delays and poor service’

Austerity kills: this week’s figures show its devastating toll

Learning To Live Well With Dementia

Derbyshire dementia care home postcard project ‘spirals’

The Illness Is Bad Enough. The Hospital May Be Even Worse.

Seeking Redemption: The Rage of Alzheimer’s

MPs launch inquiry into care discrimination faced by LGBT service-users

Elderly should be housed in luxury developments with spas to keep them out of care homes

Dementia: Alzheimer’s Is Only One of Many Types

Poor hospital discharge process puts patients ‘at risk’

Potential residents have had their first look at the new Mercy Place aged care, complete with pub, cafe, grocery store and more

Don’t write us off: People with dementia press for more rights — and respect

When Health Care Ignores Your Goals

DWP repeatedly breaches FoI laws ‘in bid to hide secret jobcentre reports’

Deaths and hospital admissions follow short-notice closure of Leonard Cheshire Home

The young man with brain tumours told he is fit to work despite being unable to leave the house alone

Don’t be afraid. Don’t try to hide. Ask for help.

New report raises human rights concerns for elderly people held in secure dementia units

Exclusive: Dementia nursing is not a backwater career, states clinical director of charity

Could different cultures teach us something about Dementia?

Let’s open dementia cafes to help keep people active

‘He passed peacefully just after England had sealed victory’: The heartwarming letter from listener to Test Match Special after 83-year-old cricket fan’s last moments were spent listening to Chris Woakes’s century

Tories spend £200 Million fighting to stop sick and disabled people getting benefits

Family’s horror as dementia sufferer, 89, is placed in bed 300 miles from home

I’ve been told to wait three years for a wheelchair that ‘can go outside’

Dementia patients in hospital ‘suffering in silence’, according to ‘deeply troubling’ new research

Should we press-gang older people into having fun?

Blogs and Other – August 2018

A selection of non-media articles from last month:

A Letter to Dementia…….

What do we want? We want ACTION!

Mum’s First Week Back at Home

Is sharing a diagnosis of dementia brave?

Dementia Truth Inquiry Review of Evidence

Beyond the Medical Model: The Culture Change Revolution in Long-Term Care

The social model of disability

Dementia, rights, and the social model of disability

Decision Time: Does Mum Stay Home?


Listen to the Silence…….Poem….