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In The Blogs – December 2018

A Post Diagnostic Resource by the Scottish Dementia Working Group “please don’t label me, I am more than my dementia”

The story of a cock and a bull

Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill update

Fingers versus Voice……..

Cheese on Toast – or not coping

I’m Davy Crockett – Get Me Out Of Here

Doubting a diagnosis of dementia

An Alzheimer’s Christmas story

Wandering Around Trying to be Helpful In Dementialand

Our Services in Crisis………My rambling thoughts….

Tinnitus and other Auditory Hallucinations

Dementia: a solution

I Love You for What You ALMOST Are, Person-Centeredness.

Mo the Cat: Therapeutic Value of Pets for People with Dementia

Would I want my old life back?

When Should We Start Discussing Retirement?


In The Blogs – November 2018

Professional Questioning……

We Live in such a Tiny Bubble……..Poem

A Dr failing to understand Dementia, and the risk that poses

Dementia in the media…unsound and unbalanced

Inappropriate Prescribing: A Reminder

Post Code Lottery

“Roots to Occupation” by the Scottish Dementia Working Group @S_D_W_G

Doubting a diagnosis of Dementia

A response from Alistair Burns on the ‘Living Well’ debate…..

Rehabilitation for dementia: Evidence & Opportunities

Changing Relationships with my Daughters……

Rehabilitation: the future of Dementia care

#CarersRightsDay: We Need to Support an Increase in Carers Allowance Across the UK

In The News – November 2018

Butterfly Care Homes bring humanity to those living with Dementia

Dementia in Europe: a public health priority?

Too many Dementia patients prescribed potentially inappropriate drugs, study finds

Sheffield widower says ‘callous’ health bosses took wife’s dementia care away just weeks before she died Read more at:

Family’s lonely fight over dementia hospital death

Petition raising fears over ‘freedom deprivation bill’ tops 100,000 signatures

How sport can benefit people with dementia

Why prescribing playlists for people with dementia is on the money

Dementia patients should be prescribed ‘personal playlists’ to trigger happy memories

People With Dementia Like Me Need Help To Stay In Work

Companies running ‘inadequate’ UK care homes make £113m profit

UN expert tells of disabled people’s ‘horrendous’ evidence on poverty

Young people with dementia need new approaches to care

Social care: ‘How do others manage without the extra we’re able to afford?’

Ministers’ ‘shocking’ failure to consult DPOs on bill shows UN convention ignorance

Dementia is ‘biggest health and social care challenge’ Read more at:

‘We need their brains’: donating to the brain bank in search of a dementia cure

Most caregivers of people with dementia are family members, and they need help


In The Blogs – October 2018

Three Dementia Fighters

WHO MHGAP Forum 2018

How an Allied Health Professional can help you to live well with Dementia


Why I prefer to stand on stage alone and read…….

What to do for ‘the best’

Why is it Hard to Talk About Dying?

Carer’s Tips – I’m looking at clothes and getting dressed

The Writer’s Rights And Responsibilities

Interaction, activity, distress and dementia

Starting to run on empty…….

Responding Mindfully to Emotional Turmoil

Carer’s Tips – Clothes and getting dressed

“The Care Home Journey”; a New Resource

Dementia Research: Measuring Wellbeing

What keeps me going…….?

Nursing Homes, Guilt Trips, and the Promise in Dementialand

Frustration from not connecting Cause and Effect