About Me

I am living as long as I can with Dementia, COPD & Osteoarthritis.

But I am still me !

Over nearly 20 years, I worked in different types of Care Homes and several Hospitals.

In early 2014, I noticed I was having memory problems, forgetting regular tasks, getting lost and not knowing where I was amongst others, which I put down to getting older. Then in 2015, I was watching a programme about someone living with Dementia and I could see myself in some of the things I was watching, which worried me,  so I went to see my GP who did the usual tests. She thought I was in the early stages of Dementia, probably Alzheimer’s and referred me to Hospital.

In March 2017, after seeing a Neurologist, having tests including an MRI and SPECT Scan and seeing 2 Neuropsychologists for a battery of tests over 3 days, I was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s and Frontotemporal Dementia, in February 2018, after nearly 20 years in Care Homes and Hospitals I retired and in April 2018 I saw a different Neuropsychologist, for 2 days of tests to confirm diagnosis of FTD.

Since my Diagnosis, I have taken part in various Research Studies, become a Dementia Diarist and am a member of Dementia Alliance International, Young Dementia Network UK, South Yorkshire Research Advisory Group, Deep UK.

All views in my blog are my own and are not intended to be derogatory or offend anyone.