“I’d love to skydive it looks amazing”

I’d say never thinking I’d actually be signed up to go through with it! 

Now here I am with four days to go until I’ll be jumping out of a plane from 15000 feet. 

But no matter how many nerves I may feel I know that it’s worth it to raise every penny I can for the Alzheimer’s society. 

You see once your life has been affected by dementia things are put into perspective. Whilst falling through the air I will be totally out of control. My welfare will be in the hands of the instructor I’m attached too. Much like a dementia patient, they can no longer control what is happening and rely on the amazing care of others to see them through. 

Dementia doesn’t just change the life of the person diagnosed but their entire family too. Their lives as they know it will be changed forever. Their loved one will need help with every aspect of their life. I think one of the hardest things is it’s all so unknown. Everybody loses their capability in different time scales and ways. One persons experience I never the same as another’s. 

I can only speak from the point of view of a Family member whose loved one sadly lost their life to dementia. In all honesty it’s hard from every angle. The person with dementia is suffering. The family is suffering. The patient must feel such pain from confusion when you don’t recognise your life anymore. Your family feel it when you are no longer the independent person you once was, and when the worst in my opinion, when you no longer recognise us. It’s like watching a candle slowly burning out. Until one day the person you loved has gone. Their body remains and still needs caring for, but their personality you loved has left. I think anyone who has experienced this will understand the feeling of mourning your loved one at this moment, well before death. 

However, the journey doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. There will still be laughs, smiles and amazing memories. There is now so much support out there for people living with dementia and their carers. It is so important to seek help and people living with dementia to give advice and just to listen to each other. 

We all want a cure for this hideous disease, any money you can donate is greatly appreciated and will mean more work can be done to prevent, support or cure this disease. 

If your still here and have made it to the end thank you so much for sparing your time to read this. So let’s remain positive, we can and will enjoy our lives to matter what is thrown at us. We will help and support until the bitter end. Roll on Thursday when I get to tick skydiving off my bucket list and give money to this amazing charity! Let’s pray for no wind and rain so I can get this done!! 

If anyone would like to donate my just giving link is 

Thank you so much!