Dementia Carers Count supports the 700,000 family members and friends in the UK who are looking after someone with Dementia – sometimes 24 hours a day.

They provide free courses to family Dementia carers in person and online, led by our experienced team of health and care professionals.

To add to their range of support for family carers, they wanted to create useful, in-depth information that provides the kind of guidance and practical advice we know that people caring for someone with Dementia need and value.

Being a carer presents many challenges and can’t be done to a schedule, so they wanted to make sure that their support is always accessible, quickly and easily, whenever it’s needed.

They asked their experienced professional team to help develop a comprehensive set of articles, videos, podcasts and presentations that between them would cover the most common themes, questions and concerns they hear from carers.

The result is the new Virtual Carers Centre

A video introduction can be found here:

To support the launch of the Virtual Carers Centre, their health and care professionals are going live on Facebook to answer your questions about finance, everyday challenges and wellbeing.

Please join them:

Monday 22nd November at 4-4.30pm – Q&A: Continence problems and dementia with Lorraine Haining

Tuesday 30th November at 4-4.30pm – Q&A: Carers’ wellbeing with clinical psychologist Gemima Fitzgerald