On Social Media, TV, and papers, you would think we were back to normal.

For many, things are far from over.

It will be several years before the full impact of the Pandemic is understood, that knowledge about not just the effects of COVID but what has been really going on behind the Political/Media window dressing versus the real life experiences.

It will be too late then, the damage will have been done to Persons of Colour, Ethnicity, Gender Identity, Poverty, Disability, etc, many will have died, many along with Family members will suffer lasting damage to their Mental and Physical well-being.

Issues relating to Discrimination, Inequality and Rights Abuses including:

  • Care Home / Hospital Visiting.
  • DNACPRs issued without consultation and permission of the individual or their legal proxy.
  • The £20 uplift for Universal Credit but not Disability, Carer or other Benefits.
  • Financial support for the working population through Furlough
  • No financial support for people Shielding.
  • No support or services for people Shielding during Pandemic and after.

Just some of the examples of Discrimination, Inequality and Rights Abuses that have happened over the last 13 months and are still happening, causing immense distress, and having a negative effect on  Mental and Physical Well-being.

The “It doesn’t affect me”, “Not My Problem”, “Lives Unworthy”, and NIMBY attitudes, perpetuate the problem.

The uncaring, selfish, lack of understanding of these issues facing Society, is a damming inditement of what Society has become.

When will abled-Bodied people get it and realise they are:

  • One Second from Disability
  • Oner second from Rights Abuses
  • One Second from an adversarial Benefits System

When will the Able-Bodied realise Discrimination, Inequality and Rights Abuses are no respecter of:

  • Colour
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender Identity
  • Poverty
  • Disability
  • etc

When will the Society realise that ALL these groups are affected by Discrimination, Inequality and Rights Abuses?

That Discrimination, Inequality and Rights Abuses are a symptom of the Society we live in, that previous generations, Governments, Opposition, organisations etc have allowed this to happen.

For years in Parliament, we have an ineffective right or left Opposition, 1930’s style, Nero-esque, fiddling whilst Governments drive a bulldozer through people’s Rights.

Tony Blair pops up every so often attacking Government Policy, yet although he signed the UK up to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, he failed to ensure that the Convention was fully integrated into the Human Rights Act.

As with the EU and the European Convention on Human Rights, the Labour Government cherry picked some of the 50 Articles, not all and over the following years, successive Governments, facilitated by an ineffective Opposition, have gradually reduced the Rights of Persons living with Disability and others, often under the radar of Brexit and the COVID-19 Pandemic.

British Society is at a tipping point.

Do we really want to continue to live in a Society where Discrimination, Inequality and Rights Abuses are the norm?

Politicians of all Parties have been quick to condemn the new Football Super League, when will they stop playing Political Football with peoples lives and react in the same way to Discrimination, Inequality and Rights?

When will Society say Enough is Enough?