Damming figures released by the UK Office of National Statistics this morning at 9:30am GMT, show that

“Dementia … was the most common pre-existing condition for COVID-19 deaths, identified in 25.3% of all deaths due to COVID-19. This is likely due to age being a risk factor and that a large proportion of these deaths occurred care homes deaths.” (ONS 1 Mar 2021)


Yet those “Risk Averse” Care Homes have forbade family visits for the last year to the detriment of people living with Dementia, other Disabilities and their Rights.

The latest figure shows that the policy of isolation, segregation and Rights Abuses has done nothing to reduce the number of deaths due to COVID in Care Homes.

One of the inhumane “Care Act Easements” introduced by the UK Government a year ago, allows Do Not Resuscitate Orders to be issued without consultation with the person or their family in their so called “Best Interests” (whose “Best Interests ? !!!!)

Sadly Kate Swaffer’s latest blog shows that Abuse is not solely in the UK and is a huge stain on our so called Civil Society.

Neglect and abuse in Aged Care – Kate Swaffer