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06 November 2020 by Val Bowen

What's Life Like for You Since Covid?

Disability Sheffield will be running a Zoom drop in every 2 weeks for people to come and share their experiences both good and bad about what life’s like for you since the pandemic started. Whether you come to share some good news or bad bits where you’re struggling, we can help by sharing your experiences. Don’t be alone, come and join us (with a cuppa) to keep us in the loop of how COVID restrictions are affecting you.

We’re keen to hear about your everyday experiences, how Covid has affected what you do, how you feel, and generally what it’s been like for you. What are the key issues that need focusing on? Some of the main themes might be shared with the council where they might be able to help.

The fortnightly drop ins are alternate Mondays from 11am -12noon. – email and hhe next sessions are on 30th November and 14th December December. Please email for the Zoom details and let us know you’re

6 November 2020 by Val Bowen