But what happens next ?

What should happen when this is all over ?

Instead of damaging our mental heal with all this rubbish !

We should put our energies into a time after Covid 19, in other words what should happen next !!

There are many organisations that represent people, whether in the developing or developed world.

You see them on TV, the continual run of adverts showing children from the developing world drinking dirty water or needing medicines.

The charities that raise money to support us in the developed world.

All showing negative images designed to tug at our heartstrings.

We have given trillions of pounds to these organisations worldwide over the last 75 years and nothing has really changed.

In developing countries rich in natural resources, over 90% of their population live in poverty. All the time we give money to organisations that represent their people, the Governments won’t change.

In the Developed world, there are many organisations that claim to speak for those of us living with disabilities, yet nothing has really changed.

Charities and organisations that represent US have a NIMBY (Not in my Backyard) attitude.

They Live in their Silos and rarely work together for the greater good.

It’s time to pull down those Silos


It’s time for organisations to tear down those Silos, to work together for the greater good.


There’s a lot of talk about paying Key Workers including  Nurses more, but no one wants to talk about how to pay for it.

In 2017, the Government wanted to introduce what was dubbed the “Dementia Tax” to bring some equality to funding of social care, but Politicians etc cried foul and it was dropped.

Once this crisis is over, there is going to have to be a conversation and decisions made about increased taxation,

So now is the moment for all these Charities and Organisations to come together, out of their Silos, to force the narrative hourly/daily about a properly funded, free at the point of use, “National Care Service”

For the many disabled people being Shielded and those still able to work, the current situation should be seen as an opportunity to write/email to their :

  • local MP
  • local Councillor
  • Council
  • Health/ Shadow Health Minister
  • Health & Social Care/Shadow Health and Social Care Minister
  • Political Parties
  • Anyone else relevant


Keep writing, keep up the pressure to Charities and organisations that represent us to get them to come out of their silo’s and work together with us, to make a “National Care Service” a reality in line with International Law via the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD).

Charities and other organisations should come together and form a “National Care Service Council”, 1 seat per organisation.

That don’t need a Chair with a large salary, fancy offices, just Zoom.

As people living with Dementia have shown for years, Zoom is an effective communication tool, and such a Council could be run virtually.

We, the people living with disabilities, should charge them with the responsibility of working with all political parties and Healthcare systems to develop a “National Care Service” for implementation by the beginning of  2021.


People living with disabilities say:

  • Enough is enough
  • Pull down the Silos
  • form the “National Care Service Council”
  • Less representing us
  • Always doing with us

People living with disabilities also say:

  • No more inequality
  • See the person NOT the diagnosis
  • Full integration of International Law via the UN CRPD
  • Fully funded “National Care Service”, free at the point of use
  • “Best Interest Meetings” in the best interests of the person, not the system
  • Equality regardless of diagnosis
  • Equality regardless of financial standing
  • Minimum level of Disability benefits based on diagnosis
  • Higher levels of Disability benefits based on need

It took 4 weeks to introduce the “Furlough Scheme” for 30 Million Workers, with so many Charities and other organisations representing us, setting up a “National Care Service” for 12 Million people in 6 months should be simple.

So now is the time for those Charities and organisations to come together and form the “National Care Service Council”

The time for excuses/Silo’s is over