The lives of over 7 billion people have been changed over the last few months by a virus, not seen before.

It insidiously spread around the world, countries and their peoples were ill prepared for the unknown.

There was no “Playbook” for Governments to follow.

How do you prepare for an unknown enemy?

The so called “Armchair experts” pontificating in the media.

The media vying for the next big headline and soundbite.

The facts hidden by misinformation and fake news everywhere.

I would never vote Tory, Labour or LibDem, yet:

There is a lot of waffle, yet no one has come up with a better plan!

In the UK, in 2016, after a mock Flu epidemic exercise,  to test the response of the  Government and the Emergency Services, vast quantities of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) were stockpiled.

Yet in 2016 or November 2019, no one could have predicted COVID 19, no one could have known that the country needed vast quantities of Visors and Gowns in addition to the existing stockpiles of PPE.

The Government gives out it’s daily statistics, the Opposition Parties, the Media and armchair experts, trawl out opposing statistics.

Where do you find the facts in all this ?

The definition of statistics is that:

Statistics is a branch of applied mathematics dealing with data collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation.

Results can be interpreted and presented in a way to fit a particular argument.

In Physics, 1+1=2, in Calculus, a+b squared = ab + 2ab +b squared, there is no deviation in the answer or the way the results are presented..

In statistics, 1+1= any number you interpret and present in any way.

So much energy is being spent on inane comments, armchair experts, statistics and fake news.

The price is that magical soundbite,

The true cost is people’s Mental Health.