South Yorkshire Dementia Creative Arts Exhibition 2020

Information sheet for contributors

Thank you very much for expressing an interest in contributing to the South Yorkshire Dementia Creative Arts Exhibition. We hope this sheet contains all the information you will need to submit your creative artwork to the 2020 exhibition.

However, if you have a question that is not answered here simply email  the exhibition organisers, at

Exhibition dates:

13th to 19th July 2020

Opening times:

9am to 4pm daily

Venue and address:

The Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul

Sheffield Cathedral

Church Street


S1 1HA

Sheffield Cathedral website:

Steps for submitting creative artwork

  1. Complete your creative artwork. The theme for 2020 is ‘Community’ and original work on this theme is preferred. Please be aware that we have no restrictions on what ‘creative artwork’ might be. From visual art to audio recordings to writing to film to paintings to sculpture – please let your imagination be your guide. Contact us at if you have any questions.


  1. Label your creative artwork so that it is clear whose work it is. Please ensure to include a contact name, address and telephone number/email address


  1. Provide a short explanation for each piece. This should include: artist’s/s’ name/s and an explanation of the thinking and or process behind the particular creative artwork. Think about what someone looking at the work might find interesting to know in order to better understand it. For example, how does your creative artwork relate to ‘Community’, the 2020 exhibition theme?


  1. Take one or more good quality digital photos (mobile phone pictures are great) of the creative artwork.


  1. Email your Explanation/s and Digital Photo/s to This will allow us to include your creative artwork in the SYDCAE 2020 Exhibition Programme.


  1. Permissions. We plan to put your creative artwork on public display at Sheffield Cathedral in July 2020. We also plan to include images of your artwork and any information you provide about the artists and organisation in the Exhibition Programme. The Exhibition Programme will be available for anyone to download and paper copies will be available at the exhibition. We also plan to include images of and information about your creative artwork on the SYDCAE website ( and DARE website (

If you do not want your creative artwork to be used in any of the ways described above please contact us to let us know


  1. Ownership. You are allowing us to display your creative artwork (see 6 above). You retain all rights to your creative artwork.


  1. Taking creative artwork to the SYDCAE 2020 Exhibition. Please take your labelled creative artwork to Sheffield Cathedral between 10am-3pm between Monday 6th to Friday 10th July (i.e. the week before the exhibition). Emma Gittins is our contact at Sheffield Cathedral and so please ask for Emma or explain to one of the Cathedral volunteers that you are dropping off creative artwork for the South Yorkshire Dementia Creative Arts Exhibition. Emma’s telephone number is 0114 275 3434. Your work will be registered and you will be asked to confirm an email contact address


  1. Collecting your creative artwork. The exhibition will conclude on Sunday 19th July. You must collect your creative artwork from the Cathedral during the week beginning Monday 20th July. We will make reasonable efforts to contact people who do not collect their creative art work after the exhibition. However, please be aware that any work that is not collected by 25th July may be disposed of. Please contact Emma or the exhibition organisers at if you find you are having problems collecting your work.


  1. Possible damage to creative artwork. The exhibition organisers and Sheffield Cathedral are committed to ensuring your creative artwork is well cared for and returned to you in the same condition in which it arrived. However, please be aware that accidents can happen. Also, this is a public exhibition and while there will be volunteers looking after the exhibition we cannot guarantee absolutely that no damage will occur as a result of people coming to see your work. If you do not want anyone to touch the creative artwork please make this clear to us when you submit it.
  2. No glass in picture frames allowed A challenge we have faced over the years is to display heavy paintings and pictures. We have found these create a danger of damage to the creative art and to members of the public. As a result we now do not accept picture frames containing glass. If you intend to submit picture frames please remove any glass before bringing them to the Cathedral. If you have any queries about this please contact us at


  1. Finally…We are very proud to be associated with Sheffield Cathedral and very grateful for their partnership. Sheffield Cathedral is an open-minded and progressive organisation which hosts a wide range of cultural events and is involved in numerous social initiatives. All contributors are asked to be mindful of our collective responsibility to avoid causing unnecessary offence. If you feel that your creative artwork – whatever form this takes – is likely to be particularly controversial or may cause offence to some members of our community or within the specific context of Sheffield Cathedral then you are requested to contact the exhibition organisers in advance to discuss this. The yardstick here is ‘unnecessary offence’. So, ‘controversial’ pieces of creative artwork are welcomed, so long as they do not cause unnecessary offence.



Exhibition organisers


South Yorkshire Dementia Creative Arts Exhibition website:

Twitter: @SYDCAE

The South Yorkshire Dementia Creative Arts Exhibition is now coordinated by DARE:

Dementia Arts, Research and Education CIC


Information correct at time of posting