I may sound like a stuck record, but this is so important…

We want everyone in Sheffield living with dementia (or caring for a family member with dementia) to easily find out what dementia-friendly groups and activities they could attend.  So…

Is your dementia-friendly group and activity listed on Dementia Directory (formerly known as Dementia Connect)?  If so, thanks!  If not, why not?!

Add your organisation’s information to the Dementia Directory: https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/find-support-near-you

Please publicise the Dementia Directory to people that you meet too.  And you can use the Dementia Directory yourself to find out what’s happening around Sheffield.

Also add your dementia activities and posters to your own organisation’s website so people can find them.  There’s loads going on and it would be a shame if the people who need it couldn’t find it.

It’s also one of the Sheffield Dementia Strategy aims that “More local (neighbourhood based) information will be included