I had a wonderful time at Woodbrooke last weekend on an Exploring Sensory Being Retreat.

Our senses become more important and exaggerated and some we begin to lose through the progression of our Dementia.

The 3 days were delivered in a way that left time to process information but in saying that, the detail has become lost in the fog of Dementia but my electronic back up brain via notes I made at the time in Microsoft OneNote will still be there in the future.

You may question reader why a person living with Dementia would try to learn new things when the popular perception of Dementia is memory loss.

Living with Dementia is a lot more than about memory and it is often claimed that our feelings may be the last emotion to go.

Those 3 days were a little bit of the normality I had before my diagnosis, a little window on my past but also maybe I subconsciously learned a little about our senses that may guide me in the future.

If I took anything away from those 3 days it was the realisation that some of the challenges were down to this insidious disease and that some of the strategies I now use to overcome those challenges have put me on the right path and positive feelings of having achieved something and done something different.

A small victory on the inevitable path to the future.

Priceless emotions to take forward into an increasingly bleak future.

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”  There are so many ‘unexpecteds’ about having Dementia but for me, amongst a lot of dreadful things, the shining positive is the number of wonderful friends I have made.I would want to say to anyone who has a diagnosis is find a Dementia Community, somewhere you can meet other people in your situation, preferably at a similar stage to you and leave the carers behind.  

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