Hi All, My name is Theresa (Tess) and I look after my Mum with Alzheimer’s in the holidays to give her quality of care from the residential home she resides in.

We also lost Dad a year ago February 15th, 2018, with vascular dementia and I also helped to care for dear Dad when Mum was ill.

Turning all this negativity into positivity for my M.Sc. Psychology dissertation study I am analysing the psychological well-being of unpaid dementia carers.

Particularly focussing on resilience, the most significant inner coping mechanism a carer has in facing the challenges of daily life and its adversity.

I desperately need dementia/ Alzheimer carers for a research study on dementia carers well-being.

Please contribute to this much-needed research in helping others to gain an understanding of dementia carers looking after a loved one, and in providing the appropriate support to carers.

The Group will be acknowledged in my report and in any further published publications.

Please find below the direct link to the survey and the advert.

Please message me if you have any questions and I’m happy to go through the questions with anyone.

Thank you for reading this post and hope you feel able to help. Thank you Tess

Direct link to the survey