This week, has seen two of my friends recognised by Universities for their tireless work around Dementia.

Firstly Chris Roberts, who some will know that the Panorama programme featuring Chris and his family, encouraged me to go to my GP and seek a diagnosis.

Chris became an Honorary Fellow of bangor University on Wednesday


Also recently, Wendy Mitchell, who has also been an inspiration to myself and many others,  received an Honorary Doctorate from Hull University

and also from The University of Bradford

Congratulations and well deserved to you both.

For some that are able, a diagnosis of Dementia can bring many new and wonderful opportunities.

Too often, the vital support of family members and friends goes unnoticed or unrecognised

Without the support of our families, often we are unable to achieve what we can possibly do without their support.

Without their support AND sacrifices, we would be unable to live the lives we currently do and would be more fearful of the future without that support.

Just as our parents made sacrifices to give us the best childhood they could, our families make sacrifices to give people living with Dementia and other disabilities the best possible quality of life, often to the detriment of their own health and wellbeing.

Petition – Don’t put our NHS up for negotiation

See dementia as a terminal illness so under 65’s are instantly eligible for PIP (9 Oct 19)

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” I mentioned “Only the wealthy few can afford the luxury of well staffed, well supported homes.” Yet forgot to say how not all these homes offer knowledgeable and appropriate care for those with dementia, such is the state of dementia care.

Anyway here’s a link to the article on line – I did my best with the time available….I hope they ask my playmates in the 3 Nations as they could offer a far more in depth article….. 

Wendy Mitchell’s article titled “End the Dementia Care Costs Betrayal” …….

New Resources

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