So yesterday I travelled down to Bath as I was speaking to around 30 staff from Wessex Water the next day.

It was a warm sunny day much the same as the day before when I was in York to visit the National Rail Museum, which was another tick in my bucket list.

Sadly the “Flying Scotsman” wasn’t there and one of the reasons to go there was that the Flying Scot was the first Steam Train to exceed 100mph which it did in 1934, the year my Father was born, although I was able to have my picture taken next to “Mallard” which broke the record, which I think still stands today, in 1938, the year after my Mother was born.

Anyway, back to Bath.

I managed to sit in the same seat all through the 3 hour 15 minute journey, which is no mean feat for the main train from Plymouth to Edinburgh.

These trains only have 4 coaches and whenever I travel on it, whether York, Edinburgh, Birmingham or today Bath there are always people standing.

Virgin Cross Country do run some 5 coach trains so why not on this route.

When I got to Bath it was still warm 23c and no sign of the forecast rain.

As usual I had travelled using my noise cancelling headphones and once outside the railway. Xx station, I put the hotel details in to “Google Maps” and started the sat Nav.

As I started walking, a women’s voice in my headphones guided me to the Hotel.

Once settled in to my room I walked back to town to await the arrival of Kath Pyke from Dementia Adventure.

Kath’s train was delayed delayed because her first train ran over furniture which some idiot/s had thrown onto the track, the mindset of some people, which meant she was an hour late getting to Bath.

Kath was dying for a cup of tea so we stopped off at a cafe and then walked to the Hotel.

Later we met up to go through the presentation and have something to eat, then it was time for sleep.

It was a long day but travelling earlier meant I had time to relax and recover, something which has become more important as time has gone on.

Tomorrow  would be a busier day.