“Do you have first-hand experience of Dementia?

Help shape our work through Dementia Voice, and use your experience to ensure everything we do reflects the needs of people affected by Dementia?”

What is Dementia voice?

Dementia voice offers opportunities to people affected by Dementia to use their personal experiences to help shape the work that Alzheimer’s Society does.

It is also often referred to as ‘user involvement’.

People using ipads at the Historic Royal Palace

They welcome people living with Dementia, carers and supporters (friends and family of people with Dementia) to take part in helping Alzheimer’s Society deliver excellent services to people affected by dementia.

There are many ways to take part such as reviewing publications, helping them recruit staff, giving them feedback on services, and much more.

Why is it important?

They want people affected by Dementia to be at the heart of everything they do and this is key to their strategy.

Their pledge

To ensure people affected by Dementia are enabled and supported to take an active role in all aspects of the Society’s work.

To enable people affected by Dementia to influence the decision making at board and senior levels.

To ensure people affected by Dementia are routinely involved as co-producers of our services and resources.

To actively facilitate the involvement of people affected by Dementia from groups and communities less often seen or heard.

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