Sorry its late reader, but it has been one of those weekends.

We may not look like we have Dementia.

We may not look like we have challenges to our norm.

Don’t be fooled.

We put up a facade of normality

But inside a battle rages with our Dementia.

Where like this weekend for me, we lack the physical and mental energy

To do What we need to

We are not lazy

We’re just fighting this battle to retain some of what once was us


Petition – Don’t put our NHS up for negotiation

See dementia as a terminal illness so under 65’s are instantly eligible for PIP (9 Oct 19)

Petition – The lack of provision of social care in the UK is leading to immense distress for all people affected by dementia and their care partners.

Petition – No more PIP Assessments for People with Life Long Disability or Conditions

Justice for Jodey Whiting. Independent inquiry into deaths linked to the DWP


Consultation – Learning disability and autism training for health and care staff

Investigating the impact of stigma on people living with dementia and carers: A questionnaire study PART 1

General Pharmaceutical Council – Consultation on guidance for pharmacist prescribers


Needs of Young People with Dementia 2019

Welcome to the Dementia 2020 Citizens’ Engagement Panel online Hub



Dimensions of Dementia – A Mother and Sons Journey Together


Alzheimer Europe

LEAD Coalition

Young Onset Dementia Alzheimer’s Group (YODA)


” As with life and people in general, all will respond to this challenge differently. Some will seek out the limelight, and that’s fine, others will be shadows in the corners, and that’s fine too. The main thing is we’re talking. Our collective voices in whatever way we choose or whatever way our talents allow,  are all relevant, all going some small way to changing the future.

That’s what keeps me going. 

Wendy Mitchell’s article titled Are we self promoting…..? I don’t think so…..

New Resources

Young Dementia UK – A decision-making guide for GPs

Dementia words matter: A DEEP guideline on language about dementia