Working in collaboration with Enrichment for the Elderly and the People Keeping Well partnerships, to make the four areas of Burngreave, Chapelgreen, Firth Park/Shiregreen and Southey/Owlerton dementia friendly.

Meet Rosie, one of SOAR’s Community Development Workers working on projects specific to dementia! Rosie has been in post almost 2 months and has been working hard behind the scenes to launch the Dementia Stakeholder meetings and ‘Dementia Friend Information Sessions’.

“I’m really excited.” The first Chapelgreen Dementia Friendly Stakeholder Meeting is on 2nd July 2019, at PACES Campus.

If you’re looking to get involved (or are just feeling curious) then come along, or get in touch for more info (please let Rosie know if you’re planning on attending).

Rosie is also delivering free interactive Information Sessions to inform attendees how Dementia affects a person and what you can do to make a difference.

By attending the session, you will be joining more than 2 million others taking action.

From being more patient in a shop queue to campaigning for change, every action count. Anyone of any age can become a Dementia Friend!

Find a session near you,

or you can get in touch with me to book or find out about some sessions in north Sheffield. Rosie.Strathearn@SOARCOMMUNITY.ORG.UK