It was a dry, cool start for Tuesday.

The day started with a foggy head and my legs just weren’t having it but gradually after breakfast things improved somewhat.

I took a slow walk up to the Festival Theatre and once all had arrived, we got underway.

It was a shorter day than yesterday but pulsus nonetheless be productive.

Tommy and Paul performed their play “The Four Horsemen of Dementia”

and Ron read the beginning of a play he has written which will be performed later this year.

We then had a discussion about the different experiences of receiving a diagnosis.

After lunch we looked at some sensory crafts and Steve took us through the “Symbols” research, some of us have been involved in at various stages.

The research looks at changing some of the British Standard signs to make them work better for people living with Dementia as many of us have problems interpreting visual images.

After rounding off the two days, Paul led us in song to John Lennon’s “Imagine”

It was then time to say our goodbyes and I made my way back to the Hotel for a nap and then to start