On Sunday I travelled up to Edinburgh for a DEEP gathering.

The train ran on time and the journey took about 5 hours but it left plenty of time to sleep on the way up and it wasn’t until past Newcastle that I was awake and able to catch a glimpse of the North Sea, followed by the Firth of Forth as we came into Edinburgh.

Once off the train, I turned to Google Maps to direct me to the hotel, pressing start a voice in my noise cancelling headphones guided me towards my hotel up some very long row of steep steps, which my COPD decided was a good wheeze literally and it took some effort to get to the top of the steps.

Once I had checked into the Hotel and unpacked it was time for about an hours nap, although I wouldn’t have had a nap in the past, since the arrival of Mr Dementia, I have gradually learnt the importance of self care.

After my nap, I took a walk along the Royal Mike and sat outside a Café for a while having a coffee, sat in the sunshine.

I walked further along and went round St Giles Cathedral, the main Church of Scotland Cathedral and it was also the Church of Scotland that baptised my father in London.

I had noticed that there was a concert on at 6pm so I returned to the Cathedral later on.

Being Fathers Day, it was an appropriate way to remember my Father, he would have enjoyed the music:

After the concert I took a slow walk back to the Hotel for something to eat and to meet up with Steve Milton from DEEP to talk about tomorrow’s gathering after which the day caught up with me and it was time to sleep.

Second Day in Edinburgh