Petition – Pay Carers an Allowance Equivalent to a Fulltime Job at the National Living Wage – Finishes 19 June 2019

Paying unpaid carers would safeguard those requiring care making it a financially viable option for friends and family to look after those they love, Reducing pressure on 999 services and the NHS. Saving vast amounts of money per person. The carer who provides continuity in care is often forgotten.

Primary carers currently receive £1.85 an hour which is £64.60 a week, £3359 a year.

There are over 6,000,000 carers in the UK and 1.25 Million people provide unpaid care for more than 50 hours per week (NHS survey of carers 2009/2010; Census 2001, Office for National Statistics) Carers for people with dementia alone save the UK over £8 Billion per annum. 72% of carers are worse off financially as a result of becoming a carer and struggle to make ends meet (Carers UK 2008)

This is a national disgrace!


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