Heavy Rain at Woodbrooke

Overnight it rained and rained and …

Tuesday brought a chilly wet morning with the rain continuing but unable to spoil the peace.

It’s was a peaceful morning, chatting to one of the volunteers and just sitting in the garden.

Philly Hare and I spent some time putting up while Rachael Litherland got the room ready before everyone arrived before lunch.

After lunch, we gathered in the Art room to start the Dementia Enquirers meeting.

If you have not heard about Dementia Enquirers reader, it is a project putting people living with Dementia in the driving seat of research.

Too often, people living with Dementia are seen as participants of research and researchers may not understand that people living with Dementia can be involved in the design, development, running and reporting of research, something this project aims to change.

The afternoon was spent, deciding which applications for research funding from DEEP groups should be recommended for funding, the National Lottery having the final say.

The decision making process began slowly by we soon got into the swing of it,accompanied by the crack of Philly’s metaphorical whip.

That evening from around 6pm we spent time with members of the advisory group discussion ssinf different aspects of the project.

It was a late finish to the day, after the Epilogue , I had an online meeting at 10:39pm which went on until past midnight.

Day 6

3 thoughts on “Heavy Rain at Woodbrooke”

  1. Hello Howard, it was lovely meeting you all on Tuesday and having a chat after tea in the evening. I was also great to see the DEEP network in action, thank you for inviting me along. I now look forward to following your blog. Best wishes, Louise Carter.

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