The sun was up with the dawn chorus ushering in day 4 at Woodbrooke

Over breakfast the discussion continued on the course content over the weekend, the lady I forget her name, still feeling the same but she was checking out this morning and then off to visit family before returning to Australia.

After breakfast I went to the library to read some of the Quaker pamphlets dating back to 1654, some written by George Fox, sadly to the sound of the Sycamore tree being felled across the car park.

The challenge of reading as you may know reader, is something I have to deal with, moving words, following text/lines etc but it came with the the challenge of the words of the day, some with different spellings and s replaced by f.

However, it was a fascinating insight into a world so removed from the social media, image orientated world we live in now.

After lunch the sun was out and I spent time in the garden but the clouds were beginning to build up.

Philly and Rachael from DEEP arrived in the afternoon along with Tom Shakespeare from the Advisory Group in the evening.

Once the rain started in the afternoon it didn’t want to stop but it brought a new rhythm to the garden.

After attending the Epilogue, it was time for bed.

Day 5