As the title suggests, Saturday been a wet and windy day at Woodbrooke.

It’s a balmy 12C as I write this but who cares.

Anyway reader, on to today’s topic: Tax cuts

This week saw events to mark the 75th Anniversary of D Day.

4 years after D Day, as a result of the so called “Peace Dividend”, the NHS began, free for all from cradle to grave.

However, within 2 years and the perceived need for tax cuts, charges for some services began to be introduced.

The ensuing years have seen services culled into the private sector, “Care in the Community” saw the wholesale selling off of Care Homes and other services to the private sector with some such as home help disappearing altogether.

Since 2016, the focus has been in Brexit.

You would think that all is well in the UK and that Brexit was the only challenge before us.

The UN disagree but the current government finds that unbelievable.

The £38bn that the Government magically has to spend if we have an orderly Brexit, is seemingly being earmarked on tax cuts.

We have a Police force no longer able to fully uphold the laws of the land, leaving many offences unpunished leading to increased lawlessness.

We have an NHS shored up by an extra £20bn a year, or so it would seem.

We have a creaking Social Care system close to collapse which should never be at the behest of the Private sector.

Millions of unsupported carers, daily putting their mental and physical health at risk to care for a loved one.

Local Authorities who have seen their budgets cut by two thirds, unable to provide adequately the services they are legally bound to provide.

Yet Politicians think that tax cuts will cure the ills of society.

There is a misguided focus on this years balance sheet, meeting budgetary targets, without consideration to the long term benefits of expenditure.

To cut services to the bone in the name of Austerity to facilitate tax cuts whose only real benefit is to those unaffected by the mismanagement of the UK over the last couple of generations.

As human beings we cannot put a price on dignity and humanity.

The bean counters cannot put a price on them either as they are not physical objects to be counted and therefore have no value to them.

As Oscar Wilde once said “They know the price of everything and the value of nothing”

Tax cuts indeed !!

Day 3