As the title suggests it is rather wet here at Woodbrooke in Birmingham.

But I care not one bit.

I am here for rest, peace, a Dementia Enquirers meeting Tuesday/Wednesday and to do a course over the weekend.

Respite from my Dementia you might say.

For my wife Dementia is not at home.

For me I can leave Dementia at the door, or as much as it will allow me.

To be with a group of people over the weekend that may not know me or my Dementia.

To try to focus on something other than Dementia.

Do a course !!

But you have Dementia you may say reader.

Whilst that is true, I am still the same person as I was the day before my diagnosis.

My abilities may have changed and in many cases decreased.

That does not preclude me or anyone living with Dementia from taking part in any activities within the boundaries of their current abilities.

Memories of the discussions will fade.

I may only be left with Flash cards in my mind.

Bite size snippets that together may make no sense.

Do I care ?

No !!!

After over several years of being unsure of my abilities.

Focusing on Advocacy.

Purely taking part is an achievement in itself.

I may not leave here with a new library shelf of information in my brain but rather a feeling of achievement.

Feelings that can have more power than new knowledge but that are in themselves knowledge.

Knowledge that I have once again been apart of something, something normal for the majority and maybe extraordinary for the minority.

That can be priceless !!

Day 2