The 3 Nations Dementia Working Group will have a stand at the Alzheimer’s Society Conference at the Kensington Oval, London on 21 and 22 May 2019.

Come and talk to us about Dementia and what we do, you may also wish to join as a Full or Associate Member, membership is free.

About the 3 Nations Dementia Working Group

The 3NDWG is a working group of people living with dementia across England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Members are based all across the three nations, creating a network of voices on dementia who can lead on regional projects.

A steering group of 12 people with dementia drawn from the membership will lead the 3NDWG.

We wish to contribute to:

  • Improving the lives of those living with dementia
  • Improving the lives of those who support and care for people with dementia
  • Help the work of professionals and policy makers working in this and related areas
  • To make a positive difference to the lives of people affected by dementia.
  • To become an advisory and the ‘go to’ group for professionals, the media, policy makers and anyone seeking input from people with dementia.
  • To reduce the prejudice and stigma attached to dementia.
  • To raise public awareness about the needs of people with dementia and their supporters and carers.
  • To be a collective voice of and for people with dementia nationally, regionally and locally.
  • To influence public policies that impact on the lives of people with dementia and their families.
  • To initiate and deliver specified projects for the benefit of people with dementia.
  • To advocate for all professionals working in the field to involve people with dementia in their work

We have been involved in activities such as:

  • Being approached for input on several consultation exercises such as the Green Paper on Health and Social Care and the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia 2020
  • Asked to speak at several events, including the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia, Dementia Friendly Communities and others
  • Delivering the opening session at the Alzheimer’s Society Annual Conference
  • Attending the Labour Party Conference to reach key MPs and other influencers
  • Heavily involved in the production of the new rights-based Dementia Statements and the Wales Dementia Action Plan 2018-2022
  • Providing a service user perspective to interview panels for key staff appointments within the Alzheimer’s Society
  • Building links to key organisations such as the DAA, NHS England, the Welsh Assembly, the Alzheimer’s Society
  • Delivering a presentation on the rights of people affected by dementia at Alzheimer’s Disease International conference in Chicago 2018
  • Attending the NHS Long Term Plan event, where we directly addressed the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care regarding dementia care
  • Sat on the judging panel for the Dementia Friendly Awards

Full Membership

Living With Dementia

We work to improve awareness of, and support for, people affected by dementia. Our members are people living with dementia at any stage of their journey.

Join us if you want to be part of our social movement and bring about change.

The services and support available to people living with dementia varies hugely across our three countries, and between counties and districts. The Three Nations Dementia Working Group is working to change this so that everyone gets good, timely and individual support and care.

 People living with dementia have a right to live as well as they can, as they choose. We campaign and influence to make this happen.

Our Campaigns

So we will…

  • Provide opportunities for members to discuss their concerns, ask questions, and share experiences.
  • Bring together examples of what works and what probably does not work.
  • Provide as much as information as we can about how health and social care are structured across the three nations.
  • Be able to advise individuals about organisations that, like ours, exist to campaign for change.
  • Host discussions of rights and the law.
  • Host a Twitter chat for anyone anywhere in the world to join.
  • Send a newsletter every two months to provide updates about our activities and campaigns.
  • Be holding webinars on specific subjects from time to time, which will be advertised on our website.
  • Get our members to every possible opportunity to make their voices heard, whether in one to one or larger meetings, or at conferences and other events.

You can join us here.

Associate Membership

Caring For Someone with Dementia

Care givers, paid and unpaid, are an immense and critically important resource, but are almost without exception undervalued.

 While membership of 3 Nations Dementia Working Group is for people living with a diagnosis of dementia, we are campaigning and working to improve the support and training provided to all care givers.

Unpaid care givers need regular opportunities to recharge their own batteries, and to look after their own health and wellbeing.

All care givers should be provided with good quality training to enable them to feel confident in their knowledge of the disease and its effects.

We urge all care givers therefore to encourage people living with dementia to join the 3 Nations Dementia Working Group in order to add to the weight of influence we can bring to bear for change.

Become a Member


We are the go-to group for professionals working in the field of dementia. We are a membership organisation of people living with dementia.

We can find speakers for training, events, and conferences, and people who are keen to help co-design and evaluate services.

We can provide:

  • guidance on how to involve people living with dementia in designing and evaluating services
  • experience based advice on influencing system leaders and government
  • expert knowledge of models of support and care from around the UK and abroad
  • real stories of people living with dementia
  • critques of your documents
  • And much more

Contact Us

Visit the 3 Nations Dementia Working Group website  here

The 3 Nations Dementia Working Group, Steering Group are a friendly group of people diagnosed with dementia who want to make a difference whilst we still can.

Who are we?

We are a small group with big ambitions and we hope to do the following:

  • Bring the lived experience as experts with our personal knowledge of dementia that people value whether in a professional or non-professional capacity. As such our aim is to become the ‘go to’ group within the three nations (of England, Northern Ireland and Wales) for anyone seeking input from people with dementia.
  • Continue to contribute to society, to give value, advice and information where required and requested.
  • Help each other through mutual support, friendship and understanding.
  • Help all those affected by dementia. We understand what you are dealing with.
  • Help those who are trying to help us (such as policy makers, service providers, academics, researchers, businesses).

Join the 3 Nations Dementia Working Group

If you too have a diagnosis of dementia, and live in England, Northern Ireland or Wales, why not join us?

You choose how active you would like to be. It may be you just want to hear what is going on or you may want to contribute to project work. You may be surprised at the difference you can make.

You can join us here.