In The Blogs – April 2019

Any Truth in “Use it or Lose it”?

Collaboration with the BBC TV ‘Casualty’ Programme……..

Truth, Lies, and Home Depot in Dementialand

Rose Tyson, Dementia Bully

A visit to my favourite species………

For crying out loud, fix dementia care in hospitals

My daughter telling her side of our story….plus…

Let’s all go into therapy?

A Fairer Scotland for Older People: Our New Framework for Action

Another punishing but wonderful day in London….

The Things We Enjoy In (and Out of) Dementialand

The View from Here: snatches of spring

A not so secret love affair……..

Pictures as Words

Guest Poems from a talented mum no longer with us…

Two strong women, both wanting to scream

I know I’m very lucky………..

Public and private observations on this spinning rock called Earth

Occupational Therapy Online Surgeries – a Test of Change

Was this my last long walk……..?

Looking Forward to 2020 and Looking Back

Palm Sunday

A few days in Paradise…….

What I Think Care Partners in Dementialand Need to Know

Alzheimer’s and living

When you think the fog will clear…. but it doesn’t………

Experiences of loss

Educational opportunities for Allied Health Professionals (AHPs); translating a rights-based approach to practice

The ‘Casualty’ Debate……

The Meaning of Life in Dementialand

House and Home – Being Accommodating

How my reading habits have changed…..

Embedding a rights-based approach across an occupational therapy Psychiatry of Old Age service

The Human Library…A Challenging Experience

How my relationship with food has changed……..

Toxic Positivity Mongers in Dementialand

Getting More Older People Online

Dante’s Inferno


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