January 2019 brought up 5 years since I think I started to notice changes that led to my diagnosis of Dementia.

The Journey Began around January 2014, with increasing challenges, a diagnosis of Dementia in March 2017, through various challenges to the end of 2017.

Things began to change in the first half of 2018

and then in July I started to Leave the Dark Hole behind

October 2018 saw me Moving Into the Light

I began 2019 with increased challenges from things like Hyperacusis, nearly falling, tiredness and fatigue, along with a feeling that things were changing.

Where things will be in another year, let alone 5, only time and the progression of my Dementia will tell.

To quote Alice Howland in Still Alice:

“Please do not think I am suffering,

I am not suffering,

I am struggling,

Struggling to be a part of things,

To stay connected to who I once was”

Whilst I try to show that there is a life to live after after a younger/earlier diagnosis, to offset the stigma of the media perceptions of Dementia, it is in no way intended to belittle the experiences of professionals or care partners who generally have a negative experience of Dementia in the end stage or Palliative stage as I refer to it.

It is because of my experiences of that stigma from the point of my diagnosis that I write these articles to hopefully enable some who follow, receiving their diagnosis to continue to live their lives within the reducing limits of that diagnosis.

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