A year ago, I started “The Twitter Use of People Living with Dementia” study.

Catherine Talbot, a PhD student from the University of Exeter Medical School, travelled up from Exeter for the third interview for “The Twitter Use of People Living with Dementia” Study.

We began by chatting about how things had been for me over the last 6 months and then did the usual Cognitive Testing.

Catherine had prepared a set of questions for me to answer, which took about 10 minutes.

We then talked about some of my posts and my motivation for making them.

Then Catherine looked at Twitter Analytics and save some of the statistics from a few of my posts.

Whilst Catherine was doing that, I had a home baked chocolate Brownie, Catherine had made the day before (delicious Catherine) and I completed 2 questionnaires.

Then it was time for Catherine to leave and travel back to Exeter.

Amazing to think that it had only been 12 months since we first met, what I have done in that time and the changes I have faced.

I hope Catherine is successful in her research and continues working in the Dementia field as we need more researchers with an understanding of Dementia.