The next 3 Nations Dementia Working Group Twitter Chat is tomorrow, Tuesday afternoon 4pm EST, Tuesday evening 8pm GMT and Wednesday Morning 7am AEDT.

The Topic is “What is Social Care Currently Like for You?”

Regardless of diagnosis, whether you are a person relying on Social Care or caring for someone needing Social Care, we would like to hear your views and experiences, good or bad.

For everyone else it is a chance to learn more about how Social Care affects everyday lives, You may not rely on Social Care now but in the future the chances of you needing support from Social Care increases.


What is Social Care

Dementia, social services and the NHS

Getting care and support

Sources of Dementia Support for Families

Assessment for care and support in England

What does the British public think about social care?

Dementia Tax – Should we have to pay for our own Social Care?

New campaign to recruit thousands more adult social care staff

North Ayrshire’s Health and Social Care heroes honoured at special breakfast

Women ‘paying highest price’ for Tory’s failure to deliver social care reform, charities say

Dementia patients being failed by social services, say GPs

Women ‘paying the highest price’ for failing social care system, says Age UK

‘It’s ludicrous’- council criticised over lack of care for man with dementia

Caring for those with a big heart

Dementia team short-listed for gov awards dementia

Everyone worries about getting older, but for trans people it can be terrifying

Statistics – Health and Social care

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The 3 Nations Dementia Working Group currently have a Petition – The lack of provision of social care in the UK is leading to immense distress for all people affected by dementia and their care partners. please read and then sign.

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