DEEP UK have been awarded some Big Lottery funding for up to 20 DEEP groups to undertake research, designed by people living with Dementia, for people living with Dementia over the next 3 and a half years.

In December a few of us were invited to the first meeting of DEEP UKs Dementia Pioneers at the Royal Foundation of St Katherine in London.


The Foundation is like an oasis, not far from Tower Bridge, where the silence in an ever busy world brings peace and calm and the staff are friendly and helpful.


The evening before we had spent time in the Chapel, beginning with silent reflection, followed by a wonderful Piano and Organ recital.


The Dementia Pioneers will guide the research undertaken by DEEP groups.

At the meeting, we also met 3 members of the Advisory Group who are people experienced in developing and running research, whose guidance will be so important getting these pieces of research accepted by professionals and published in Journals.

It will also prove that people living with Dementia can and should be involved in developing, running and participating in Research.


If you are part of a DEEP group take up the challenge and develop your own research.

If you are not yet a member of a DEEP group please join and if there is no group in your area, could you get one started with help from others.

If there is an up side to my diagnosis of Dementia, it is the people I have met, many new friends and experiences such as this, that I may never have experienced otherwise.