I was back at BBC Radio Sheffield recently.

I took a Taxi into town and this time with the help of the Sat Nav on Google maps, I didn’t get lost.

I waited in the reception for the others to arrive and then we were shown upstairs to wait to start recording.

This time it was to record what was to be a pilot podcast for the BBC about Dementia.

As well as myself there was Grace Stead who is the Director of Enrichment for the Elderly in Sheffield, Nigel Worthington who cares for his wife Pat and the presenter, whose name escapes me but whose Grandmother has a diagnosis of Dementia.

For the pilot, it was a general conversation about our own experiences and we talked for about an hour and a quarter.

The idea was to talk about Dementia, our experiences and the challenges that we face, from 3 different viewpoints, with the presenter guiding the conversation.

It is envisaged that each episode will be about a different issue around Dementia and there will also be a different as yet unnamed celebrity guest for each episode!

This will then be edited and presented to Programme Managers and then sent to BBC Commissioners, after which, hopefully they will authorise a series of Dementia podcasts.

Apologies for not remembering the name of the Presenter or the Gentlemen that greeted us, that is what you can get with Dementia.