It’s been about a months since I was last at the audiologist

Last week, I was back to the Audiologist, this time to get some hearing protectors.

You may recall that sometime ago I had the moulds done and then redone as the moulds hadn’t come out right the first time, but now the finished articles were ready for me.

I got a taxi to the Hospital as I still struggle using buses and got there early so I waited in the Waiting Room until I was called.

At the appointment, I was first asked how I had got on with the pink noise from the hearing aid in each ear, I say Hearing Aid but they have the hearing part turned off and then it was on to the hearing protectors.

They are fairly easy to put in, if I remember to do them the right way up.

But there are two problems for me.

They had a length of string like plastic connected to them, designed I suppose to stop me losing one or both protectors with a clip on, but I have taken this off as everytime I moved my head I could hear it rubbing on the protectors.

The other problem is that the protectors amplify my voice, the sound of me swallowing and eating, breathing etc which is distracting and not what I need going through a busy station etc..

This may reduce with time, however, at the moment I think I will eventually go back to my noise cancelling headphones but I have to give it at least three months until I go back to Audiology to see if they improve with time.

A simple appointment, simple process and time will tell if these hearing protectors work.

I am due back at the Audiologist in May