Person Centred Dementia Care

– be the difference you want to see

Meaningful, positive change has never been brought about by a single person, but by groups of people working together. Dementia care needs positive disruption to improve the lives of carers, people living with a dementia and their families. Join our 12-Month Person-Centred Dementia Care course in Wales, York or the Midlands to learn how you can start the disruption in your home.

  1. Key Steps in achieving culture change in dementia care homes
  2. The essence of Butterfly Models of  Dementia Care
  3. The method of qualitative observations of people’s lived experience and quality of interactions
  4. Ways for staff to adopt the Butterfly Care Home approach and knowing how to be a Butterfly
  5. Training on emotional intelligence as the primary competence in dementia care
  6. Attached leadership skills in dementia care
  7. ‘The Look’ Checklist to improve the environment
  8. The real meaning behind and how to reach people’s emotions and expressions of ‘behavior’
  9. The Model of Care – ‘The Butterfly Household Model of Care’ – Action Checklist
  10. The Language of a person living with a dementia and how to develop your feeling based communication skills
  11. Skilled approaches in safe guarding balanced with a human rights approach to sexuality, intimacy, relationships and assessing consent
  12. Specialist approaches in later stage dementia care

Wales, York & Peterborough
Start Dates:
Wales: 7th March
York: 8th May
Peterborough: 29th May
£825 + VAT per person
(York & Peterborough: 3-4-2 offer running until March 1st)

To find out more about how we can support you to transform and improve quality of life for people living with a dementia, please contact us on the following details:

P: 01273 242 335