She resides in a home, sits in a chair,
Nothing to bother her, make her worry or care.
Caretakers to help her wash and dress,
Doing all that they can not to cause her distress.
She smiles and accepts the care that they give,
The meals and the medicines she depends on to live.

Her mind should have memories both good and bad.
Why can’t she remember the life she once had?
Not aware of the people who came to see her today
Or what they told her, or how long the stay.

Family and friends she no longer knows.
Just a flicker of remembrance occasionally shows.
The memories are gone, now just a blank, empty space,
Remembering nothing she had before she came to this place.

Is she sad and afraid? She can’t let us know
Because these are emotions she’s unable to show.
All that’s changed is her mind. She is still there,
The same person for whom I always will care.
I’ll always remember what she means to me
Because she’s my mum, who else could she be?

Copyright © Linda Harrison