Last Monday, I had an early start getting to Sheffield Railway Station by 7 am to meet Donna Chadwick from Young Dementia UK.

We were being interviewed on BBC Radio Sheffield about the new Young Onset Dementia Support Group which had been set up by Young Dementia UK at the Graves Health and Sports Centre in Sheffield.

Unsurprisingly, Donna’s train was a couple of minutes late and we set off for the radio station. I managed to get us lost as I took a wrong turn on the way but we eventually found our way there.

We were taken upstairs to wait to go on  thinking we had ten minutes to chat before we went into the studio, but we were informed that we would be going on straight away “because of Brexit”.

Toby Foster the presenter greeted us and we had a quick chat while the news was playing and after a couple of phone calls about Brexit, we talked about the new group and my experiences.

After 10 minutes or so we were done and said our goodbyes before walking back to the railway station, Donna to get a train and I got a taxi home.

It was good to be able to talk about the new group on air and hopefully a few more people will now know about it as I know the information is still not reaching all professionals and people living with Dementia.

Heres a link to the radio show we were on, it should start just before we are on, if it starts at the beginning go to 37 minutes.