The smokescreen of the playground politics of Brexit continues to mask the disability rights abuses prevalent in the UK.

We now have the possibility of a second referendum, for gods sake, get on and sort this mess out, one way or the other.

If the result of the first referendum can’t be honoured, who is to say the result of the second one will be. Do we keep having them until the media is happy with the result.

Get a grip May and Corbyn, there are too many other things going on that need sorting out. People are dying and their rights being abused whilst 650 MPs act like Infant School children acting out in the playground.

We have remainer May giving sound bites about respecting the result of the Referendum, playing political football with people’s lives

political football

and leaver Corbyn peering over the wall of decision, generally on a Wednesday at PMQs, like a wartime Chad,


procrastinating, before retreating to obscurity,


whilst there only claim to fame will be destroying our once great Democracy and leaving us with a fractured society


On a more pleasant note, on Monday I was on BBC Radio Sheffield with Donna Chadwick from Young Dementia UK talking about the monthly New Young Onset Dementia Support Group in Sheffield facilitated by Young Dementia UK, the next one now being on the 13th February 2019.

You can hear our interview here

The Sheffield Dementia Strategy consultation finished on Friday but I understand that the CCG has been asked to extend the deadline as it was poorly advertised and there are still many wishing to take part. Hopefully the CCG will make an announcement in the next few days.

With over 7,000 living with Dementia in Sheffield, I am sure only a small minority have had the opportunity to take part. I wonder how many in Care Homes in Sheffield have contributed in line with Article 29 of the UN CRPD.

In The News

Thanks to Nigel Hullah for sight of this article

“Changes to mental capacity safeguards – intended to protect hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people – will hand care home managers and private hospitals far too much power, the government has been warned.”

Mental capacity changes give care homes too much power, critics say

Twitter Chat


The 3 Nations Dementia Working Group Twitter chat restarted after the Christmas break.

It starts from 8pm GMT this Wednesday evening.

Feel free to join in using the hashtag #ask3NDWG



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“We have a system which has committed all its funding in total ignorance of dementia, in a society which fears dementia above every other disease, and which seems unable to tear itself away from ‘what we’ve always done’.”

George Rook’s blog titled Visions that hide reality