My friend Kris McElroy has begun a new project around functional pottery, things like cups, plates, bowls, even plant pots and is looking for feedback on how these items can be made more Dementia and Disability friendly.

This is what Kris has to say:

“I got to share one of my bigger visionary projects I want to pursue and see complete by the end of this year and got full approval and support yesterday.

Part of this bigger visionary project involves making functional pottery (ceramic items for everyday or special use – from eating, to drinking to planting, ect…) with built-in accessibility features. This part of the project has already started and is going well.

While I know of the accessibility features I could use and will incorporate I also could use your help in hearing about any accessibility features you or someone you know uses or could use.

This includes things both you might automatically or not automatically think of (special colors, grips, guards, pictures, weight, anything really that would make it easier for you to use or make it so you can get it for yourself or someone else and it doesn’t just sit on the shelf or require additional purchase of adaptive supplies to use the item).

For example I made a 1. tea cup with a splash guard, sip spout with controller for amount of liquid the comes out of the cup while drinking, works with any degree of thickened liquid or pureed soup, and has a double grip handle that has the option of being used with a kruig machine if wanted, microwave and dishwasher safe.

I am excited about this part of the project as well as the bigger visionary project. I am also excited and really want to hear what accessibility features you or someone else you know uses or could use.

Feel free to email me, I can even set time to talk in person, by video phone and communicate in the way that works best for you.

And share with others who would like to contribute ideas on these features too.

If you need my specific contact info please let me know.

Thanks very much. Hope you have a good day”

You can email Kris at :