In The Blogs – December 2018

A Post Diagnostic Resource by the Scottish Dementia Working Group “please don’t label me, I am more than my dementia”

The story of a cock and a bull

Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill update

Fingers versus Voice……..

Cheese on Toast – or not coping

I’m Davy Crockett – Get Me Out Of Here

Doubting a diagnosis of dementia

An Alzheimer’s Christmas story

Wandering Around Trying to be Helpful In Dementialand

Our Services in Crisis………My rambling thoughts….

Tinnitus and other Auditory Hallucinations

Dementia: a solution

I Love You for What You ALMOST Are, Person-Centeredness.

Mo the Cat: Therapeutic Value of Pets for People with Dementia

Would I want my old life back?

When Should We Start Discussing Retirement?


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