It’s the first Sunday Musings of 2019 so Happy New Year Everyone.

Tomorrow sees the launch of the Long Term NHS Plan.

A small amount of information about what will be included was released yesterday and the media, as usual have gone into overdrive, interviewing so called experts before the 100 or so page document has even been released and they have sight of what the detail of the plan actually is.

The reporting full of doom and what hasn’t been announced, without having seen the plan.

The devil as always is in the detail, facts not fake news.

It will be interesting to see how much of the feedback that was given at the forums including the one in London that I attended, influenced the content of the plan.

The other news was that the Government is halting the roll out of Universal Credit. They will still move 10,000 people onto it but monitor the impact, so hopefully there will be some positive change.

The idea of merging 6 benefits into one, may make sense, but the way Universal Credit has been implemented certainly does not make sense.


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“The research aimed to show how older people from different household types acquired food,  what food they bought and the people and places they acquired it from. The study was funded by the Food Standards Agency and the Economic and Social Research Council to explore the resilience of older people within the UK food system.”

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