The heart of a caregiver is a rare element on earth. They define the true meaning and value of God’s worth

The soul of a caregiver is precious and pure. Their spirits are heavenly, of that I am sure

The selfless compassion and love that they share. Provides relief, joy, and comfort just knowing they’re there

Their efforts often unnoticed, full of strength and emotion. Bring peace to the heavens with angelic devotion

Many nights they are restless, their minds filled with unease. Because they devote their lives to tend to others’ needs

There is none more deserving than one with the caregiver ability. They show peace, love, and mercy and give our loved ones dignity

Caregiver, a special place in heaven is waiting for you. There is a special place inside my heart that is reserved for you, too

Thank you for everything, all of it, and more. I pray someone so kind is there for you when you knock on God’s door ~

You are loved and respected and cherished. And I wouldn’t have known what to do without you

In memory of Earl T. Huff, Sr. & Dedicated to: The Isadora, Spring Hill, FL

Copyright © Ryan Huff