Sunday Musings – 30 December 2018

Christmas is over, it was lovely seeing family together but peace has now returned.

Outwardly as my wife says, there is a spark of my old self surrounded by the grandkids, inwardly the change in routine, the noise and busyness all around leads to an increased foggy head, headaches and being scolded for my language as I am unable to stop the profanities flowing.

Times past when it would have been so different but the challenges are increasing over time and none of us know what next Christmas will bring.

It’s also a time to recharge and reflect on the year gone by.



Peter Berry’s 78th Weekly YouTube Video

Stephen Tamblin’s 33rd Weekly Facebook Video

You can also catch Stephen’s 6th YouTube video


“Surely we must ask ourselves, are the Dementia Villages, or Dementia specific Cafes and Shopping Lanes really a fabulous idea, or are they just another form of keeping the myths alive and ensuring continued sense of ‘otherness’, as well as being an expensive new form of segregation? We must also ask ourselves if these initiatives might also be increasing the stigma and discrimination, or at least keeping them alive?”

Kate Swaffer’s blog titled Welcome to my X, Y or Z Village


One thought on “Sunday Musings – 30 December 2018”

  1. I’m sure the family have already forgiven you for being a grumpy old sod! I’m afraid when I get frustrated everything gets preceded by f***

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