Now time has gone full circle
I have to recognise my fears
As I lose my precious memories
Made throughout my years

If I am forgetful
It will still be me
If I look confused and frightened
It will still be me
When I feel alone and vulnerable
Please, still be there for me

For somewhere deep inside my mind
Is a lifetime stored and filed
Yet ….I may only find a memory
Of when I was a child

If I don’t remember yesterday
If I forget your face and name
It’s still there deep inside my mind
…….No one is to blame

I may get angry, I may be rude
I may embarrass you somewhere
But please don’t turn your back on me
I shall need you there to care

For deep inside this torment
In the whirlpool of a mind
Are all our lifetime stories
For which I search but cannot find

It will be our most testing time
But I just hope that you can see
That somewhere inside this shell of mine
………….It will still be me.

Copyright © Peter Dean