What are you doing, get out of here,

This is my home you know, don’t you dare stand and leer
I’m not an old lady, Im young and carefree.
No I don’t want to calm down and have a nice cup of tea.
Leave my clothes alone, I’m not wearing that,
No I’m not going to sit down and have a nice chat.
I want to pick up my children from school in a bit
That jumper’s to big, it doesn’t even fit.
Why are you carrying on with this farce?
How dare you start putting that cream on my arse.
You’re a stranger I tell you, I’m not your dear wife,
Do you know how this feels when you take over my life?
Please go and find someone who wants you around,
I’ll fetch my purse; you can have my last pound.
I’m scared can’t you see, don’t know anyone,
Alone in this world, all my family have gone.
Where is my mother, is she coming here soon?
No she’s not dead, do you think I am a loon?
Your cruel and your mean I just want my dad
Staying here with a stranger is making me sad.
I’m tired from walking and getting nowhere
This place makes me want to pull out all my hair.
Let me sit and think, maybe it will come back to me,
Just go away and please leave me be.
I live at home, I think its Number 9
I won’t escape, don’t worry I’m fine.
But take me home, I won’t make a fuss
I’m thinking you get the 39 bus!
Are you listening to me, I’m begging you please,
Don’t laugh at me love, you really shouldn’t tease.
Why must you insist I’m home already?
Your constant twittering’s making me unsteady.
If you are my husband, what is my name?
How did you get in and what’s your game?
You want to explain again how we met,
Oh god, just how could I forgot.
I’m sorry it seems what you say must be true,
It upsets me when you tell me just what to do.
I get confused and mixed up inside,
And it feels like my brain cells have all but just died.
I’m going to lay down, roll up really tight
Cos I need to sleep and I don’t want to fight.
When I wake I may know you and want to stay here,
Now close the door and and be a dear.

Copyright © Donna Glossop