Who do you see when you look at me ?

I’m not the person I used to be.
At times I will not know your name,
But really I am not to blame.
Dementia has changed a part of me.
A part that you can’t even see.
It’s had an effect upon my brain,
But deep, deep, down,
I’m still the same.I can still feel and laugh and cry.
So when you see me, don’t pass by,
Without a word, a wave, a smile.
Please just stop and chat a while.
You’ll cheer me up and make my day,
Maybe, we’ll laugh at things I say.
For there’s still humour to be found,
It is not doom and gloom, all round.
So, please, please, treat me just the same.
The word ‘Dementia’ is only a name,
For a condition that I’ve got,
But I can still do such a lot.
I may just need a bit more time,
So please be patient when in line,
I’m struggling at the shopping till.
I’ll get there in the end, I will.
So take a moment, pause a while,
And then give me a nod, a smile.
And maybe then, your hand you’ll lend.
For you are now a ‘Dementia Friend ‘.