When I was in Birmingham in August for a Dementia Diaries meet up, there was a lot of discussion about Alexa from Amazon.

When I got home, I decided to give it a try and have been trying it out since.

It takes a while to learn how to use it effectively and to learn new skills as they are referred to and I am still learning.

Apart from things like reminders, which also come up on my phone, so if I am out of the house, my reminder to take my tablets etc comes up on my phone.

One thing stands out which I hadn’t anticipated.

Before going further, it’s only right to state reader that I realise that not everyone with a diagnosis of Dementia has the cognitive ability to use Alexa or learn skills.

So this article may not be applicable to people whose Dementia is more advanced than my own.

That cleared up, so far I found one thing that could be useful for people living with Dementia, that can use Alexa.

I found that I can make telephone calls with Alexa to anyone in my contacts list that has the Alexa App on their phone.

That wasn’t the end of my discovery.

I have Alexa in my living room and I found out by accident that it could hear me in the hall.

My bathroom is downstairs so I tried in there and then the Kitchen and Alexa could hear me in each room.

In a lightbulb moment, I realised that if I was to have a fall downstairs or in the bathroom or kitchen and I couldn’t get to my phone, I could tell Alexa to call someone on my contact list to tell them I need assistance.

Image result for reaching out to a mobile

I now have an Alexa upstairs as well, so the whole house is covered.

Although I don’t live alone, my wife still works full time, so I can be home alone at times.

If I did live alone it would be reassuring for me to have such enabling technology.

This is just my experiences of using Alexa for which I haven’t received any payment or inducement by Amazon.