Sunday Musings – 16 December 2018

The last couple of weeks seem a blur.

On Thursday evening after travelling to London, Brussels and Manchester over 10 days, I could no longer concentrate on anything, coordination was lacking and I found myself off to bed around 7pm mentally and physically exhausted.

As many of us have said before, there is a price to pay for all we do and for me the recovery is taking longer.

However, what we do isn’t just for us, it is for those that do not have a voice.

To take Dementia from the dark ages where it was and still is seen as a silent disease.

To challenge old school rhetoric and to show that Dementia has a beginning, a middle and an end.

That depending on when you are diagnosed, that you may be able to live within the limits of your own diagnosis.

That it may not be the end of the beginning, but the beginning of the end.


Peter Berry’s 76th Weekly Video

Stephen Tamblin’s 31st Weekly Facebook Video is here

You can also catch Stephen’s 6th video on YouTube



“By putting people with dementia at the center of person-centeredness we are saying that the lens through which we see them, talk about them, support them, etc. reflects how THEY see the world, what is important to THEM, what THEY need. This is where we start. This puts us, as people supporting people with dementia, at the center, WITH them.”

Sonya Barsness’s blog titled I Love You for What You ALMOST Are, Person-Centeredness.


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