The questioning of people living with a diagnosis of Dementia continues.

In the Australian Journal of Dementia Care, Kate Swaffer, CEO of Dementia Alliance International has written a response in an article here

When will the *Dementia Doubter’s stop showing their ignorance and massaging their ego’s.

December will supposedly bring the Green Paper on Social Care.

At a recent Forum in London, Matt Hancock MP confirmed that he wished to have a minimum level of post diagnosis support that the CCG’s and NHS Trusts cannot cherry pick, Caroline Dinenage MP also confirmed this when she spoke at the Dementia Friendly Awards in London last week.

Jimmy McGovern writes in the Guardian yesterday “We can’t dodge the issue of care for the elderly any longer”

The devil as always, will be in the detail.

The Daily Express article Care: TV drama to reveal anguish of Dementia perpetuates the negative narrative of Dementia using words such as Anguish and Stricken.

With more people being diagnosed at an earlier stage of Dementia, the Media and Dementia Doubters need to realise that you are the same person the day before your diagnosis and the day after your diagnosis and that you can live within the reducing limitations of that diagnosis albeit with an increasing need for support in line with the United Nations Conventions.

The so called end stage of Dementia should be seen as the Palliative stage which would enable us to be receiving inclusive respectful care rather than the abusive involuntary care we are currently subjected to, which ignores our rights.

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